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In 2017 I attended the Future Body Summer School hosted by the artist BART HESS.

A workshop to create and explore materials and putting it in the context of our bodies resulting in a video as a visual manifestation of these highly intense 5 days together with a bunch of hot-wired minds.


Gelatine was the starting point of this project, a simple everyday material yet loaded with a lot of functions. By manipulating the state of matter it takes on shapes that are unexpected and changing every second. Absorbing, melting, solidifying, breaking, covering and revealing. The beauty lies in the constant change, something that doesn’t last.

However, my product developer brain forced me to tame this material and create a product that can be used. By molding the gelatine and integrate an internal structure it was possible to create an eye mask which looked like a beautyproduct that comes from the future. 

The story just built itself through the process of making and reminded me of the beautiful short story “My pretty Alluvian bride” by Bruce Sterling which tells the story of a man in search of his future bride in an otherworldly high-tech city. To enter this insular place one has to pass a quarantine to clean the body to the bones.


In the final video* “ALLUVIAN GLOW” I showed a possible beauty treatment that the inhabitants of this unknown world undergo. The for the precedure prepared gelatine purifies the body and absorbes the sediments of a radiated environment and leaves that special glow on the skin that let’s you forget everything.

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* Due to the limited time during the workshop the video was presented as a still-in-progress edit and it remained like that since then. I hope I will find the time one day to finalise it but for now I would like to share some imagery and a little teaser.


Concept & Costume Design: Flavia Bon

Model: Manavi (@asjols)


Big Thanks to Bart Hess and his team and all participants. See a summery of the workshop HERE.