H.I.T | men's wear 

H.I.T - Flavia Bon 1

The technical progress is moving fast forward and makes us able to live and work independently. The original structure of life changed and creates new conditions for everyday life. At the same time people are getting more and more nostalgic, while the Retromania is becoming more popular in the last decade. Putting those opposites into the context of fashion is a key to find future-oriented innovative solutions for clothing, which support humans in their everyday life. Clothing becomes a tool which expands the human body. Assuming that it leads the focus on aspects of functionality such as mobility, flexibility, simplicity and comfort to develop a self-contained aesthetic.

The collection's name is an abbreviation for Human Intelligent Task and has its roots in Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, a internet micro-worker community, that enables individuals to coordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks that computers are currently unable to do. Using that source as a design tool became the essential part of the collection. In collaboration with this worldwide digital workforce new knit designs, patterns and colour-arrangements were developed and integrated in the collection. 

Not only shows this design method how to combine traditional crafts with digital technology, it also questions the designers authorship in times of new age communication where the designer becomes more a director by setting rules and guiding a group of unknown collaborators.

The collection marks the new possibilities in using the internet as a design tool in the context of fashion creation which results in tangible designs through the various techniques of traditional garment making.

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H.I.T - Flavia Bon 3
H.I.T - Flavia Bon 4
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– Random jumpers –

 Created together with the micro-worker community of Mechanical Turk and using the AS3 BitmapData Glitch Generator "smack my glitch up“.

H.I.T - Flavia Bon 6

Design, Development & Concept: Flavia Bon

Styling: Flavia Bon & Michael Aerni

Photography: Flavia Bon, Michael Aerni & Elena Hoffmeyer

Model: Yves Meyer

Show image: Shoji Fujii (source: www.doingfashion.ch)